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Why Greenwood is the Perfect Place to Live in Galt

There are hundreds of places to live in the Sacramento area, and while many of them have their own unique charm and appeal, you won’t find a place quite like the small unincorporated community of Greenwood. This little patch of land has everything you need to live comfortably without sacrificing any of the amenities you would expect from a larger city. From its impressive housing stock to its rich history, this is one place that has something special to offer every resident. Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at why Greenwood is the perfect place to live in Galt.

15 Minutes from Everything

Thanks to its unincorporated status, Greenwood has no city center and is, therefore, not under the jurisdiction of any one city. As a result, no matter where you live in Greenwood, you’re no more than 15 minutes away from everything you need. There are no large stores or malls in the area, but you have easy access to everything else.


It’s within easy driving distance of both Downtown Sacramento and the Galt/Elk Grove area. Being unincorporated also means that there are no traffic restrictions or regulations, ensuring that driving is as easy and convenient as possible. Even the most inexperienced drivers can make the trip between Greenwood and nearby cities in their cars without issue.

Convenient Commuting Options

As we mentioned above, Greenwood has no major commercial or retail areas, so there’s no need to drive to the nearest mall or grocery store. That said, there are a number of quick and convenient commuting options available to Greenwood residents. This includes the nearby Galt and Elkhorn stations on the Sacramento Regional Transit system. With an SRT pass, it’s easy to get from Greenwood to any part of the Greater Sacramento Area.


Transit-oriented development is also making its way to Greenwood with plans for a large mixed-use TOD near the Galt station. This will make commuting even easier with more options available and a shorter distance to nearby employment centers. The entire trip from Greenwood to Downtown Sacramento is under 30 minutes by car or public transit.

Beautiful Natural Environment

Beautiful natural surroundings are one of the key advantages of living in Greenwood. The area is home to lush green trees as well as a variety of local wildlife, including a small population of bats. This can result in a very quiet and soothing environment perfect for relaxing or meditating in the evening. It’s not uncommon to see a variety of small creatures in the area. With hundreds of acres of parkland and natural areas, Greenwood is also a great place for the whole family to enjoy. There are a number of parks available in the area, including Gibson Park and the nearby Greenwood Wildlife Refuge. It’s also possible to get your hands on a fishing license and enjoy the occasional catch in nearby creeks.

Mobile home communities

We’ve mentioned how beautiful Greenwood is, but it’s also important to mention that these are not exclusive to the wealthy. In fact, there are a number of mobile home communities that make up a significant part of the area. While these communities may not be as visually appealing, they still offer great value and a peaceful living environment.


Mobile home communities are specially regulated, ensuring that they meet safety standards. You’ll never find the old and dilapidated mobile home parks found in other parts of the country. Instead, you’ll find lush, green areas with modern and well-maintained homes. One example is Galt Mobile Estates.

The Bottom Line

Greenwood is a wonderful place to live, with high-quality housing stock, natural beauty, and easy access to downtown. Commuting is also easy thanks to the SRT and the lack of major commercial areas. It is a great place to live whether you’re looking for a single-family home or a spacious mobile home in a quiet neighborhood. With easy access to everything Sacramento has to offer and a low cost of living, Greenwood is a great choice for those looking for a small community near the city.


Looking for a mobile home community in Southern Sacramento Valley that fits you? Check out Galt Mobile Estates—An all-ages, family-oriented community in the Greenwood neighborhood of Galt, California. Give us a message and let’s get started.

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