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Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Your Mobile Home

DIY outdoor Christmas Lights - mobile homes in Galt, CA

There are countless ways to make the facade of your mobile home look festive and welcoming without having to spend a fortune. With just a little bit of creativity, some elbow grease, and some good ol’ art and craft supplies, you can have Christmas decorations that will be the envy of the neighborhood.    Whether […]

Mobile Homes Winter Preparation (on a budget)

Cleaning gutters in preparation for winter - mobile homes

Many people think that winterizing their mobile home always requires professional help (which also means an expensive undertaking). But the truth is, in most cases you can DIY yourself out of this task, provided that you don’t mind doing some elbow grease and going to your local home improvement store to buy some supplies.   […]

How to Make Your Mobile Home Trick-and-Treat Ready

Trick-or-treaters in Galt Estates

Making your mobile home trick-and-treat ready is a great way to show to children in your neighborhood that they are welcome at your doorstep, and above all, you’re not a grinch who hates holidays and merrymaking.    Here, we explained how to make your mobile home trick-and-treat ready this Halloween season.    Make sure that […]

Summer Camps Near Galt City

summer camps in Galt

Galt is a classic small rural city with tight-knit communities, friendly locals, and excellent schools, making this ideal for young families.    As a kid-friendly city that is part of Sacramento County, Galt has dozens of public parks and recreational facilities. It is also surrounded by nature reserves, hiking trails, rivers and waterways great for […]

Fun Activities You Can Do in Cosumnes River Preserve

Duck in Consumes River Preserve near a mobile home park in Galt, CA

Nestled at the heart of California’s Central Valley, the Cosumnes River Preserve is one of the few protected and “undammed” river and wetland areas in the state. This 50,000 acres of wildlife habitat also contain grasslands and a large riparian forest (a wooded area of land near a body of water), attracting around 250 migrating […]