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Cleaning gutters in preparation for winter - mobile homes

Mobile Homes Winter Preparation (on a budget)

Many people think that winterizing their mobile home always requires professional help (which also means an expensive undertaking). But the truth is, in most cases you can DIY yourself out of this task, provided that you don’t mind doing some elbow grease and going to your local home improvement store to buy some supplies.


Some hacks don’t even require using tools and supplies. For example, simply locking your door with a dead bolt can create a tight seal that prevents or at least reduces the amount of cold air creeping into your home. 


These are some of the hacks to make your mobile homes winter-ready:


Clean your gutter


Remove leaves and debris from your gutter before the temperature drops below freezing. Using a ladder rather than walking on your roof is always recommended to prevent workers’ footprints and damage to the shingles. 


Store your yard hose


Remove, drain, and store your outdoor hose. However, make sure that you leave its hookup open so that water can drip rather than freeze.


Shut off the water valve


Make sure that you shut off your main water valve every time you go away during the winter season, even for just an overnight trip. Mobile homes’ pipes are susceptible to freezing temperatures, so you and everyone living in your house should strictly follow this rule. Also, don’t forget to turn off the secondary water supply valves to toilets, dishwashers, and laundry. 


Add antifreeze


If your winter vacation will last a few days, it’s a good idea to add antifreeze to your plumbing system–i.e., jet pump casing, holding tanks, bowls, drains, and toilet tanks. 


Insulate the pipes


Freezing pipes can still happen even in lived-in mobile homes. To prevent this costly damage, insulate your pipes using sleeves, insulation wrapping, and slip-on pipe insulation, which you can buy from your local hardware store. Additionally, make sure that there are no gaps where cold air can creep in. 


Winterize your plumbing areas


Plumbing in mobile homes is different from site-built houses because their pipes rise up through the floor rather than through walls. Hence, pay close attention to the cracks and crevices on the floor where the draft can enter. Also, inspect and seal any gaps you see around the washing machine supply, beneath the sinks, under bathtubs, and around water heater chimneys. 


Replace pipes with cracks and other signs of damage


If you’re living in a region that experiences severe winter, you may want to opt for rubber or plastic pipes that are not just a cheaper alternative but also more resistant to freezing. By contrast, steel and copper pipes are more prone to freezing and bursting. 


Before the temperature drops below freezing, ensure that you have already done caulking and weatherstripping around your mobile home. Not only will it make your house more energy-efficient (which also means lower electricity bills), but it can also protect your pipes and prevent uncomfortable or fluctuating indoor temperatures. 


Winterize your windows


There are many ways to protect your windows from winter storms and freezing temperatures. For example, you can use boards or panels and/or install films that look like transparent plastic that prevents heat from escaping. Even the use of thick, heavy curtains can help weatherproof your windows. 


Consider heat tape


They look like electric cords that you can wrap around pipes, gutters, or any area you don’t want to freeze. However, follow the safety guidelines when using these devices as they can pose a fire hazard.


Final Word 


Now that you know that you don’t need to spend a fortune just to prepare a mobile home for winter, you may want to check out Galt Mobile Estates, which is a family-oriented community in Galt, California. 


This charming community is located in the southern Sacramento Valley right next to Highway 99, giving residents easy and quick access to public offerings. 


As a community-oriented community, Galt Mobile Estates has a sprawling lawn area, a central clubhouse, on-site laundry facility, RV storage, and guest parking. Visit us today or contact us at 209-745-3010. 

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