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Trick-or-treaters in Galt Estates

How to Make Your Mobile Home Trick-and-Treat Ready

Making your mobile home trick-and-treat ready is a great way to show to children in your neighborhood that they are welcome at your doorstep, and above all, you’re not a grinch who hates holidays and merrymaking. 


Here, we explained how to make your mobile home trick-and-treat ready this Halloween season. 


Make sure that your porch is well-lit


A well-lit front porch signals that trick-or-treaters are welcome to knock on your door. Additionally, turning on extra lights–for example, lights in your garage and stairs–can make it safer for people to get to the front door. 


If you want to take things to the next level, you can hang string lights on your front porch, line your steps or pathway with quaint lanterns, and fill your facade with Halloween light decorations. 


As much as possible, avoid open flames, which may cause accidents or injuries to children who don long and elaborate costumes. 


Keep your pets indoors


You may love your pets to bits, but you never know how they might react in front of strangers knocking on your door to get some sugar rush. Just to be on the safe side, make sure that your furry babies are inside and away from the door–not just for other people’s safety but also for theirs.


Sweep your sidewalk and front porch 


Remove leaves and any debris that litter the ground, which can pose a slipping hazard. Also, make sure that you wipe moisture and put away toys, bikes, boxes, or any items that trick-or-treaters may step on or block their way. 


Simply put, make your porch as safe as possible. 


Place a seater bench on your front porch to welcome your guests


If you plan to spend the night greeting witches, goblins, and vampires, you can put a seater bench and throw in some cushions. It’s also a good idea to keep a spooky blanket at hand in case the temperature becomes too cold outside. 


Decorate your facade with festive or spooky decorations


Some people want spooky decorations, while others prefer something more festive and “homey.” Whatever your choice is, make sure that it doesn’t pose fall or trip hazards to your visitors. 


If you prefer non-spooky decorations, you can use autumn flowers, twigs, wheat, or other natural materials. Then, you can either turn them into wreaths, floral arrangements, or hanging decors. You may also want to display different-sized gourds and pumpkins, which you can put on pallet boxes, tables, wheelbarrows, or any “platform” that can add drama and height to your porch or steps. 


Have fun!


The best thing about Halloween is that it provides fun for all people, including those whose trick-treating days are over. Plus, you can watch a costume parade in your neighborhood, welcome and hand out candies to visitors, or even host spooky parties if you want to be extra festive. 


Just make sure that you keep your front porch well-lit and put away all hazards to enjoy a safe and fun spooky night. 

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