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Family at a mobile home park in Galt, California

Galt is Perfect for Young Families

Galt is a city in Sacramento, California known for its hiking and biking trails, natural waterways, and rich fauna and flora which can be found in the Cosumnes River Preserve. Despite preserving more than 50,000 acres of wildlife habitat, you might be surprised that it is part of the Sacramento metropolitan area. 

According to the most recent survey, Galt has a population of around 26,000, with a median age of 33.5, younger compared to the national average of 38.3. The city’s young population might be attributed to its particular appeal to young families–in fact, about half of the residents have children under 18. 

With its multiple hiking and biking trails, this city is also perfect for anyone who wants to live an active lifestyle. Furthermore, its unique landscape makes it ideal if you like recreational activities such as boating, camping, fishing, and swimming. 

Family-Friendly Mid-Sized City 

Compared to California and the national average, Galt has a lower cost of living and lower total crime rates. Further making this city family-friendly is the presence of tight-knit communities and countless civic groups and clubs. 

The city also boasts child-friendly public parks that also attract young families. 

Emerald Vista Park 

Located in a residential neighborhood, this medium-sized park has towering trees providing shade to the bike and walk trails and the picnic area. It also features a multipurpose open space and a playground equipped with swings, climbing structures, and slides designed for toddlers and older children. 

Meanwhile, the park has a walk/bike trail that runs to another nearby park called Canyon Creek Park. 

Location: 800 Emerald Vista Dr Galt, CA 95632

Canyon Creek Park

This well-maintained park houses two playgrounds with swings and climbing structures suitable for children aged between five and 12 years old, a basketball court, a bike and walk path, a pergola-shaded picnic and barbecue area, and restrooms.  

Location: 700 Canyon Creek Way, Galt, CA 95632

Galt Community Park 

This town’s favorite offers a wide range of recreational activities and facilities that include play structures for children 12 years and younger, a pavilion picnic area with barbecue pits (available for rental), five lighted tennis courts, a basketball court, two lighted sand volleyball courts, a baseball field, batting cages, and horseshoe pits. 

The dog-friendly park also has large grassy fields and is dotted with trees, making it an excellent place for your relaxing morning stroll. 

Location: 1000 Walnut Avenue, Galt, CA 95632

Lake Canyon Park 

Just like the above-mentioned public parks, Lake Canyon Park also features child-friendly amenities like two play areas with slides, climbing structures, and swings designed for small kids and older children. It also houses an open field for multipurpose use, a shaded picnic and barbecue area, a small horseshoe court, and a half-basketball court.

The park is also dotted with benches under shade trees that make it an excellent spot to relax. 

Location: 899 Lake Canyon Drive, Galt, CA 95632

Walker’s Park 

As of this writing, only about 15 acres of Walker Park’s 39.5-acre space is open to the public. The completed amenities include two natural turf soccer fields, a lighted football field (for rental), a restroom facility, a parking lot, two playgrounds, and two pavilions with a combined 44 seats and barbecue pits (for reservation). 

In the near future, the city will include additional facilities such as lighted tennis courts, girls’ softball fields, basketball courts, a turf volleyball, a corporation yard, a storage-cum-restroom building, a multipurpose path with lighting, interactive water features, and a community center. 

Walker Park is also the perfect venue for youth organizations, tournaments, and clinics. 

Location: 380 West Elm Avenue, Galt, CA 95632

Hiking and Walking Trails Around the Cosumnes River 

Galt is the home of the last undammed river on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, which makes it popular among bird-watching enthusiasts and nature lovers. In addition, the Cosumnes River and its tributaries are bordered by over 4 miles of relatively flat trails called the River Walk Trail and the Wetlands Walk Trail that are ideal for amateur and intermediate hikers. 

The Wetlands Walk Trail is particularly notable with its one-mile wheel-chair accessible path that provides an up-close view of the marshes, waterbirds, amphibians, and other animals. This trail also features a wooden boardwalk dotted with seats and a viewing platform at the end. 

The Best of Both Worlds 

Despite its small-town vibe and plenty of green areas, Galt is just a 30-minute drive from the bustling downtown Sacramento. It is also close to San Francisco (and the state’s coastline), Lake Tahoe, and the Sierra Foothills. 

Aside from its convenient location, the city is also known for its large flea market. 

The Galt Market, which is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 7 am and 2 pm, is an open-air market with over 400 vendors who sell fresh produce, meals, clothing, housewares, fabric, electronics and gadgets, furniture, trinkets, and pottery at a bargain price. 

Looking for a mobile home community in the Southern Sacramento Valley that matches your lifestyle and is close enough to grocery stores and other facilities? If yes, check out Galt Mobile Estates, which is an all-ages, family-friendly community in the Greenwood neighborhood of Galt, California.

Leave us a message to learn more about our quaint and tight-knit community with impressive amenities.


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