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DIY outdoor Christmas Lights - mobile homes in Galt, CA

Easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Your Mobile Home

There are countless ways to make the facade of your mobile home look festive and welcoming without having to spend a fortune. With just a little bit of creativity, some elbow grease, and some good ol’ art and craft supplies, you can have Christmas decorations that will be the envy of the neighborhood. 


Whether you’re into classic Christmas decors or some avant-garde design, our list of easy DIY projects can help make your mobile home holiday ready. 


Fresh garlands 


You don’t have to spend money on your garlands. Instead of buying fake ones, why not opt for fresh greenery garlands from fir, pine, boxwood, and cedar? The good thing about using them is the “festive” scent. After all, nothing beats the sweet and refreshing smell of real leaves. 


If you worry that your fresh garlands and wreaths would look awful after a few days, opt for boxwood because it dries beautifully. Also, their leaves don’t fall out and their branches tend to maintain their form. 


You can hang your fresh garland to a door frame and wrap it around your outdoor railing and porch columns. Then, add some ribbons, cut-outs made of vibrant construction paper, crystal balls, candy canes, and other symbols associated with the holiday. 




Tie together multiple bells and add some fresh greenery, an oversized plaid ribbon, red berries, and pine cones. And voila, you can now hang them on the front door!


Plaid pillows 


Do you have a bench on your patio? Why not throw some plaid pillows on it to make your entryway festive and welcoming to the guests? You only need an inexpensive fleece blanket and a sewing machine for this easy DIY project. 


To take your porch to the next level, why not arrange a neat pile of firewood by the front door for a wintery display. Then, right next to the bench, place a small side table with a tray filled with dried pine cones, red berries, and freshly cut greenery. You can also opt for floral arrangements for Christmas. 


DIY basket wreath


For this DIY task, you need a flat wicker basket, some fresh greenery, an oversized ribbon, dried pine cones, and bright berries, which are fastened together using a floral wire. Next, hang this on your front door. 


Oversized outdoor lights 


Cut out several oversized outdoor Christmas lights from felt, cardboard, or construction paper. Meanwhile, the key to making them look festive and at the same time cohesive is to use colors that are the same as your mobile home’s facade and some splash of vibrant shades associated with the holiday. 


Cheery lantern display


Fill several lanterns with colorful Christmas balls of varying sizes. Next, add some fresh greenery, red berries, and a vibrant bow on their top to make them look more festive. 


DIY chandelier Christmas decor 


If you have a front porch chandelier, why not embellish it with fresh greenery like cypress sprigs and magnolia trimmings. Finish it off by adding some red berries. 


DIY Ice Skates Wreath


Hang a pair of ice skates on your front door. Make sure they are filled with fresh greenery and add some embellishments like red berries, fluffy pom-pom snowballs, and small silver Christmas balls.


Final Words


With our easy and affordable DIY Christmas ornaments, you have no reason not to prep your mobile home this holiday season. So what do you think about these DIY projects? Share your comments below. 


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