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Fall pumpkin decoration

Easy DIY Fall Decorating Tips for Your Mobile Home

You can decorate your mobile home to welcome the arrival of fall even on a tight budget. Or even go “au naturel” by using pine cones, dried leaves and flowers, and twigs you can find in your backyard. You can also repaint old decorations and upcycle some furniture to give it a new life. 


Here, we list some simple and cheap DIY fall decorating tips for your mobile home. 


Install light fixtures with a warm, yellow glow 

As night becomes longer and the air turns crisper, you may want to install light fixtures that emit a warm, yellow glow that closely resembles that of a sun. This is a surefire way to make your bedroom and living room feel cozier and more relaxing. 


By contrast, a warm white light with a brightness between 7,000 and 8,000 lumens is recommended for the kitchen. And for desk lamps, go for a bright, clear glow commonly found in LED bulbs. 


Make several book pumpkins of different sizes 

These are the supplies and tools you need for this easy DIY fall decor: 

  • Paperback book
  • Paper and pencil
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Stick for stem
  • Green ribbon or scrap fabric 
  • Orange spray paint (optional)


Step-by-step instructions: 

  1. With a piece of paper, make a pumpkin shape that will serve as your pattern. It’s better to fold the paper and draw the contour in half to make it symmetrical. 
  2. Remove the book cover and place the pumpkin pattern with the fold on its binding edge. 
  3. Use a pencil to trace around the pattern. 
  4. Cut out your pumpkin with scissors. (FYI, You may also use a cutter.)
  5. Continue tracing and cutting the pages. 
  6. Put hot glue on the very edge of the book to attach the opposite part. 
  7. Stand up, your pumpkin. At this point, you may want to spray paint its edges lightly. 
  8. Add a stick that will act as the book pumpkin’s stem. 
  9. Tie a ribbon or scrap fabric around the stem. 


Make a bark owl 

These are the supplies and tools you need for this bark owl DIY fall decor: 

  • Acorn 
  • Twigs
  • Bark 
  • Hot glue 
  • Pumpkin seeds


Step-by-step instructions: 

  1. Collect acorns, bark, sticks, and seeds while on a nature hunt. 
  2. Break the bark until it has the shape of an owl. Make sure it has prominent ears.
  3. Create eyes for the owl by attaching two acorn caps to the bark. 
  4. Glue a pumpkin seed or any seed that resembles an owl’s beak to the bark. 
  5. Attach the owl to a twig to display. 


Create a welcoming foyer 

You can create a warm and welcoming foyer by adding a soft vintage runner, a crystal vase with fresh or dried flowers, and a console with a lamp that emits a yellow-pink glow. To make sure that they remain the focal points, remove smaller, less important knick-knacks.


Create and hang a rustic wreath on your front door 

These are the supplies and tools you need for this easy DIY fall decor: 

  • Wheat 
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Wire wreath frame 


Step-by-step instructions: 

  1. Hold the wheat in bundles and trim them with scissors to make them short. 
  2. Tie them in smaller bundles.
  3. Tie each bundle to your wreath. 
  4. Use hot glue to secure each bundle in place.
  5. Continue adding wheat bundles around the wreath. 
  6. Fluff the wreath so the wheat bundles look fuller. 
  7. Hang on your front door. 


Paint several pumpkins of different sizes

Most crafters suggest that you paint pumpkins and other gourds with acrylic paint instead of oil paint because they are water-based and thus easy to use and quick-drying. But if you want to achieve a more interesting effect, you may want to use spray paint or chalkboard paint. 


And if you really want an ultra-simple DIY project that looks charming, try to whitewash a medium-sized pumpkin and then stick pressed leaves (ideally those with autumn golden color) around it. 


You can put these pumpkins not just on your console, porch, and coffee table but also in unexpected places, such as your bathroom and bedroom.


Place thick blankets to create a warm, welcoming home

Thick blankets can make your sofa and porch table feel warm and welcoming. Ideally, opt for natural materials like wool and fleece.  


You can also add warmth to your bedroom and sofa with plaid blankets with gold, orange, and red hues. 


Use plaid as a recurring theme 

Incorporate plaid in your table runner, trimmings, and napkins. You can also place a crystal vase with dried flowers and grasses or a bucket with fall flowers such as dahlias and ranunculus to further reinforce the fall theme. 


Build a bar and game station 

Since fall means more time spent indoors with family, having a bar and game station makes sense. Any console or table can be turned into an entertainment area by simply filling it with board games, refreshments, and snacks.


Final word

In conclusion, with our simple and affordable DIY tips, your mobile home can embrace the fall season in style. From warm light fixtures to unique crafts and comfortable interiors to a lively game station, each idea presents an opportunity to make your space more homely and festive. Remember, even on a tight budget; your creativity is the key to making your home truly yours this fall. So, grab your crafting tools and start celebrating the season in your beautifully decorated mobile home!


Are you ready to welcome fall in style? Bring these DIY Fall Decorating Tips to life at Galt Mobile Estates! Our family-oriented community in Galt, CA, is the perfect canvas for your creativity. Whether it’s crafting charming book pumpkins or setting up a cozy game station, let your mobile home at Galt Mobile Estates reflect the warm spirit of the season.

Visit us off Highway 99 and start creating your dream fall haven today!

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