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Living in a Mobile Home in Galt, CA: Knowing the Basics

For many, it’s challenging to buy or build their own house in the US with the skyrocketing real estate prices. The average US home price is $428,700 in 2022.


As a result, a lot of people have turned to other alternatives so they can secure a safe environment for their families. Enter mobile homes.


Mobile homes are prebuilt houses constructed by trained professionals in a controlled environment. The US HUD (Housing and Urban Development) code primarily regulates mobile home construction.


That means manufacturers need to abide by strict quality requirements. In other words, mobile home follows rigid construction, fire safety, energy efficiency, and structural design standards. They can also withstand transportation from the factory to the customer’s property.


If you’re looking for mobile homes in Galt, CA, Galt Mobile Estates got you covered. We offer a family-oriented community conveniently nestled in the southern Sacramento Valley.


3 Basic Tips When Living in Mobile Homes

Living in mobile homes is vastly similar to living in a traditional house. However, there are key differences you’ll need to consider.

Here are three of them. 


1. Mobile Home Financing

Mobile homes fall under the personal property category rather than the actual property category. As such, securing loans for both vary.


One such loan you can choose is Title I Loans. This is ideal if you’re not planning to purchase the land the mobile home will occupy.


The mobile home is generally placed in either a mobile home park or a mobile home community. Additionally, if you don’t own the land or aren’t planning to buy it, you’d need to sign a lease. This lease will declare that the land the mobile home will occupy has an initial term of at least three years.


Meanwhile, if you plan to make your mobile home your primary residence, you’d want a Title II Loan. The loan will cover the home and land it will occupy.


You’ll also need to attach the mobile home to a permanent chassis. On top of that, you cannot use Title II loans on leased lands. That’s whether on mobile home parks or mobile home communities.


Here’s a list of excellent mobile home loans in 2022.


2. Mobile Home Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial when living in mobile homes. Your home level is among the chief details you’ll need to keep an eye on.


Over time, your mobile home will settle on the land it’s occupying. And when it does, it’ll cause issues with your walls, doors, windows, and plumbing. So always check the appropriate mobile home level to avoid these complications.


Your roof is another matter. You’ll need to recoat your roof yearly to remain in optimal condition. If it’s damaged, immediately repair it so it wouldn’t worsen due to rain, corrosion, and other factors.


For your plumbing, familiarize yourself with the system. There aren’t a lot of differences between the plumbing of mobile homes and traditional houses. 


But it’s always a good idea to accustom yourself to the plumbing all the same. That way, you’re alerted if something goes awry.


3. The neighborhood itself

If you’re living in mobile homes, you’d want a safe and family-oriented neighborhood. Some communities practice safety protocols and even conduct background checks to ensure residential safety.


For amenities, look for communities with playgrounds, libraries, and other family-oriented facilities. Check if these are well-maintained. If they are, that’s a signal that whoever manages the neighborhood is doing an excellent job.


Find Reasonably Priced Mobile Homes in Galt, Califonia

Although there are some negative stereotypes that come with living in mobile homes, they are slowly vanishing. And if you’re living in awesome communities, the positive experience is further enhanced.


If you’re looking for mobile homes in Galt, CA, check out Galt Mobile Estates. We’re located south of the Sacramento Valley, right off highway 99.


We have the yearly Strawberry Festival, classic car shows every summer and other friendly community gatherings. Contact us today a t209-745-3010 or drop us a message by filling out this form.

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